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Loni Hale has a lengthy history in the beauty industry ranging from a successful salon career spanning two decades, and a commercial makeup and hair career simultaneously, for the past 10 years. Loni understands color theory and design with an advanced art background and creating beautiful eyebrows has become a true passion for her. The aging process can be a gentle transition with services that Loni has discovered that work well to rejuvenate and maintain youthful skin.  Beautiful seamless haircuts and color are always in fashion. Loni often begins her haircuts DRY first to create a shape complementing natural texture and growth, then coloring the haircuts. With influences in high fashion and commercial advertising and training from Europe and the Asias - Loni's approach to hair design is rich with complexity melding many philosophies. Her haircutting techniques are a proprietary method that she has developed for creating a European lived in esthetic and designed for each client. 


Microneedling and plasma fibroblast both, encourage rapid collagen and elastin production in aging skin and with fine lines by building scaffolding under the dermis for improvement of acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles and even sun damage. 

Semi permanent makeup adds beautiful color and contrast for aging skin, or can achieve an everyday light makeup look, for those wanting more dramatic results. Microblading and lip blushing can create balance for asymmetry of the brows and lips and add desired tones, while neutralizing  unwanted tones. 

Through  individual consultation, a treatment plan is created to help you reach your goal of achieving a better complexion. tighter skin or more perfect eyebrows. With use of hand tools or digital pens, or a combination of both,  various techniques are used to create the best brow and skin results for you.  Every effort is made to keep you informed prior to, and following your visit.  With your comfort in mind, proper anesthetic will be used wherever possible.


Cosmetologist, Gilded Lily Beauty Bar salon owner, commercial hair and makeup artist. Certified microblade & shade artist through Beauty Angels Academy and founder Master Kler Rosenberg and advanced training through Nouveaux Contour and PhiBrows Academy.  Philings certified artist of micro needling and plasma fibroblast technique for skin tightening and collagen induction therapies with additional training through Plamere brand.  Loni also is certified with three hair extensions brands, in all methods as well as advanced makeup training, including airbrush makeup training, through Dinair by founder Dina Ousley.  



With bloodborne pathogen and communicable disease training and certification, cleanliness, sanitation and safety are always a priority at Gilded Lily Beauty Bar. 


Having over 20 years industry experience in beauty, arts and fashion, Loni knows current trends and how to produce timeless results.


 A background in illustration and fine arts, a steady hand and an eye for design separates Loni from other technicians.


A comfortable setting and relaxing experience is a priority. Topical anesthetic before and throughout your procedure will help you feel more at ease. 

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